About Us

Cardex is an innovative expert in the mobile payment (contactless or m-pay) and e-commerce space. Cardex designs, co-venture manufactures, and markets payment solutions, and network security solutions, for the worldwide payment & telecommunications market.

Cardex's payment solutions' eliminates bank-card and SIM-card counterfeiting, as well as the subsequent Card-Not-Present fraud, that accompanies it. The benefit of Cardex's secure system is true cost savings by the Consumers, Issuing Banks, Acquiring Banks, the Payment Networks and the Merchants, creating good will amongst all.

Cardex Systems is headquartered in Canada's Technology Triangle: Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

Mission Statement

Cardex's mission is to secure every SIM-card in the world, and by extension every mobile device so it can be used as a secure payment device, thus capturing a dominate market position in SIM-card sales and mobile payment transactions.

The Problem & Our Revolutionary Solution

Problems with Mobile Payment Security

  • Mobile Payments (contactless or m-pay) are on trend to make up 15% of global transactions by 2015
  • Any fraudster with an NFC enabled mobile device can intercept your contactless card or m-pay data
  • Current payment fraud losses globally are in excess of $400 billion
  • M-pay solutions are limited to transactions of $100 or less
  • The limit of $100 per m-pay transaction is an admission of the Problem
  • M-pay transactions limits exist due to lack of current SIM-card and mobile device security

Cardex Solution

Security & Convenience

  • Our solutions are integrated with current mature chip-and-pin and contactless POS payment technology
  • Uncrackable patent pending smart-card technologies that allows for secure encrypted NFC mobile payments
  • Private propriety encryption and cloud-based m-pay service network
  • Use your mobile device as you would a normal credit or debit card
  • No $100 limited contactless transactions


  • Behind the scenes we process, clear and settle our own transactions allowing us to compete directly on interchange and related processing fees
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