Cardex isn't just trying to compete in the market. Cardex is creating a new market standard with no rivals.

Low Cost Solution: Cardex's patent pending technology, adopts existing mature SIM-card technology into a Cardex Self-Authenticating SIM-card; together with Cardex's proprietary encryption, it eliminates any possibility of mobile payment fraud.

Cardex's SIM-card self-authenticates before it can perform any subsequent action or function. Simply put, if the SIM-card does not authenticate itself, through the authentication circuit, it does not allow the SIM-card to proceed to process a payment, at a point-of-sale (POS), or, in the case of telecommunications, to access the mobile network.

Cardex Systems is more than an industry disrupter; it is the new way of doing things, exploiting & utilizing existing mature chip technology.

Cardex is a complete End-to-End and Point-to-Point mobile payment and e-commerce solution.

Cardex is programmed to know if the authentic bank-card or SIM-card is present at the time of the transaction, on the net, on your mobile, anywhere and everywhere.

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